There is a necessary expertise that is needed in to be successful in real estate.  Being a Realtor since 2001, has allowed Barry to experience just about every scenario in the industry. 

Barry feels it is important to share those experiences in print.  This book series is meant to assist buyers and sellers to have a better understanding of the real estate process.

Buying a house for the first time can be a daunting task. With so many places and situations that can cost you money or even happiness, it’s something to approach with caution and while being informed.


In my book, I’ll show you everything you need to know to cause the process to go as smoothly as possible, without any mistakes. You’ll learn about programs for people buying for the first time, the best ways to get a loan, common mistakes to avoid and much, much more. Don’t let a couple of simple errors cost you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Here's what you will learn in this book...

Part 1: Getting Started

Owning vs Renting

Your first home loan

Keeping your credit ready

How to weigh your choices

Programs for first time home-buyers

Tax breaks available

14 common mistakes


Part 2: Buying

12 Steps to buying a home

Hiring an agent

How to find a good agent

The closing process


Moving tips

Horror stories to avoid

Books by Barry

It’s true! Every day homes sell for WAY less than they should. It makes me cringe to see how many mistakes people make when selling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great if you’re a buyer. However, if you’re a seller every mistake can cost thousands of dollars.


For decades, wealthy homeowners have been selling homes the right way. Think about it for a minute… if you’re selling a 10 million dollar home, a 1% increase in the sales price equals an extra $100,000!


Affluent sellers do what it takes to get top dollar for their homes. Normal sellers don’t seem to take selling as seriously (I have no clue why?) and normally don’t do what is necessary to get top dollar. If you use the right home selling strategies you can make at least 10-30k more when selling a $200,000 home.


Here's what you will learn in this book...

Part 1: Selling for More Money

Why I Wrote This Book and How It Will Help You

The Easiest Way to Sell Your Home for More Money

The Second Most Important Thing You Can Do To Sell Your Home for More Money

Wonder What Your Home is Worth? How to Determine Your Home's Value Without Paying For An Appraisal


Part 2: New Perspective and Tips

A Single Rule That Generates Serious Money

How the 80/20 Rule Applies to Home Sales

How to Sell to Any Buyer

The Secret Strategy that the Rich & Famous Use to Sell their Home for More Money

Why Home Staging Really Matters

Convincing Buyers within the First 8 Seconds

Dodging Unforgiving Details

How to Get Buyers Begging to View Your Home


Part 3: Selling Your Home

How to Negotiate Like Donald Trump and Get More Money for Your Home

Common Negotiating Mistakes

Negotiating Techniques

Two Additional Ways to Sell For More Money

What Most People Don’t Know

Home Matter?

Creative Financing

The Price Myth Debunked – Why Price Isn’t the Only Reason that Homes Don’t Sell

Listing Price Strategy

Four Reasons Why Home Sellers Hire A Realtor

Homeowners are putting money into their homes and making improvements or renovations all the time. But many times, they put money into project and parts that won’t garner a return on their investment.


Find out which improvements are the best to make to boost your home’s value and find out which ones won’t be worth it. 


Here's what you will learn in this book...

Part 1: Getting Started

Remodeling – Is it worth it?

Where to spend the money

Trends to Avoid

Part 2: Your Area and Outdoor Improvements

Don’t Overdo It. Keeping Your Area in Mind

Outdoor Improvements


Part 3: Remodeling

Flooring, Walls and Lighting

Cooking Up a New Kitchen

Living Room Upgrades and Renovations

Bedroom and Attic Renovations

Bathrooms: Renovations and their ROI

Remodeling, Additions, and ROI

Part 4: Prepare to Sell

Importance of Good Pictures

Staging Solutions and Options

Going through a divorce is a tough time for both parties. It leaves so many questions about what to do with the house. I wrote this book to help couples in this situation and guide them on the best ways to deal with their house. You hear so many stories about fighting, problems and unfair distributions.


This will answer all those questions and more. It covers the implications of going to court over the house, things to know, dealing with uncooperative spouses and everything else to get you through this.


Don’t let a situation in which you want to sell your home quickly or cash out with your spouse as fast as possible cost you thousands of dollars. 


Here's what you will learn in this book...

Part 1: Getting Started

What to do at first

Things to know

Finding homes worth

Going to court if needed

Dealing with emotions

Money concerns

How to prep for an even split

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